Nexus 5 Release Date Tipped for Q4 2013, Made by Motorola

Nexus 4

If you lost hope for a new Nexus phone after hardware announcements were noticeably absent from Google I/O, don’t fret. A new rumor suggests that the Nexus 5 could launch in Q4 2013, and Google may be ditching LG for Motorola.

The tip comes from Taylor Wimberly, the former owner of AndroidandMe who snagged a photo of the Moto X before it debuted earlier this month. According to Wimberly, Motorola will launch another smartphone in Q4 2013 under the Nexus moniker.

“Motorola will release a Nexus smartphone in Q4 (that is NOT the Moto X),” Wimberly posted to his Google+ page.

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This aligns with a previous report from May in which an LG executive hinted that the company will not be involved with the Nexus 5.

“Despite production problems, the Nexus 4 was a great success for us and Google,” Won Kim, vice president of LG Mobile in Europe, said to Dutch website All About Phones. “But we do not need such marketing success again.”

When Google launched the Nexus 4 back in 2012, the handset sold out almost immediately. Since then, the company has launched a white edition of the pure Android smartphone that comes with a snow-colored sparkly back plate to contrast its black front. Google hasn’t confirmed any details about its next-generation Nexus, but its rumored to come with a more advanced camera using Nikon’s technology, a 5.2-inch 1920 x 1080 display and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor.

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