Moto X Release Date Slated for Aug. 23 on AT&T

Moto X G02 620x400AT&T has officially announced it will begin selling Motorola’s Moto X phone on Aug. 23 for $199 with a two-year contract. In addition to being the first of the Big Four carriers to offer the handset, AT&T will also have a short-term lock on Motorola’s Moto Maker customization service. Moto Maker allows users to completely customize the look of their Moto X, from the material its rear panel is made of to its home screen background.

The 4.7-inch Moto X is the first smartphone to be jointly developed by Motorola Mobility and Google since the search giant acquired the handset maker last year. The phone offers several intriguing features including its always on Google voice control and a nifty camera that lets you tap anywhere on the screen to capture a photo. The smartphone’s Active Display function provides users with visual alerts whenever the phone receives a notification.

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Motorola equipped the Moto X with a dual-core 1.7-GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor and a quad-core Adreno 320 GPU. And while the CPU may not be the most advanced chip on the market, Motorola added extra processors for natural language recognition and contextual computing. Motorola and Google have also loaded the Moto X with a fairly stripped down version of Android 4.2.2, keeping the phone clear of bloatware and ensuring that it performs well in real-world scenarios. The Moto X’s biggest flaw is its lack of a 1080p display, although that shouldn’t hold you back if you’re truly interested in the phone.

We’re still waiting to hear about release dates from the remaining Big Four carriers, but we’ll update you when we hear from them.

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