Samsung Users More Likely to Switch to iPhone Than Other Smartphones

samsung-v-appleA new study by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners has found that Samsung smartphones owners are more likely to switch to Apple’s iPhone than any other handset. The study indicates that among smartphone buyers who switched brands, 33 percent went from Samsung to Apple, while only 11 percent went from Apple to Samsung.

According to Fortune, the report, the report, which covered the time period between July 2012 and July 2013, states that 43 percent of Samsung users had previously owned another Android phone. Though more current smartphone users are switching from Apple to Samsung, roughly 37 percent of new smartphone purchasers went with a Samsung handset as compared to 26 percent for the iPhone. The study, which consisted of 500 consumers who purchased smartphones within 90 days, also found that Samsung pulled more users away from HTC, Motorola and Nokia, than Apple could. Cupertino, however, took more former BlackBerry users than Samsung did.”

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smartphone switchers

Consumer Intelligence Research Partners’ study further revealed that iPhone users were more likely to be wealthier than Samsung users. That statement seems to make sense, as Samsung’s smartphones range in price from free to $199, with many falling in the mid-range category. Apple’s iPhone 5 costs $199 and its iPhone 4S costs $99. You can, of course, get the iPhone 4 for free on certain carriers.

via: Fortune

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