Affordable Bowflex Boost Fitness Tracking Band Reaches FCC

bowflex boost lead 670x335

A new fitness band has made its way to the FCC, according to Engadget, and the new bracelet will allegedly cost just $50. Called the Bowflex Boost, the fitness band is said to track your daily activities, calories burned and how well you’ve slept. Costing about or less than half the price of its competitors like the Fitbit Flex ($99) and Jawbone Up ($129), the Bowflex Boost also comes with an accompanying iOS app that helps users manage their fitness goals. 

The Bowflex Boost was announced by parent company Nautilus Inc. during its quarterly earning conference call early this month. The home gym equipment maker is launching the product as party of a strategy to offer a greater diversity of fitness products to the market. That’s a wise, albeit arguably late move, for Nautilus, seeing as the fitness tech market took off about a year ago with established brands such as Nike and Adidas leveraging mobile technology to develop smart fitness tech.

Although significantly cheaper than its competitors, the Bowflex Boost will perform many of the same tasks. For instance, it will, like the Fitbit Flex, light up to show your progress during the day and transmit information via Bluetooth to your iPhone. It still lacks an Android app, which is in development. The Boost is expected to be available in September.

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